about us

dealing with fine mineral specimens from colombia since 1972

We have a passion for rocks

 At age fourteen, David decided to go to the emerald mines in Colombia to try his luck digging emeralds out of the mountains. Ever since, he has made emeralds and other minerals and gems his passion and his career. Along the years, Cristina joined him in the journey, collecting and dealing with the finest quartz specimens from Colombia.


Colombian Minerals and Gems has participated in numerous Gem and Mineral fairs of world recognition held in Denver, Tucson, Chicago and others.

This is a page with records of the beautiful and rare mineral formations Colombian Mineral and Gems deals with. 


Emeralds / Quartz / Lemurian / Colombian Aragonite  / Colombian Apatite / Parisite


recent & upcoming fairs

The Munich Show / Germany / 2019

JG&M EXPO / Denver / 2019

Sainte Marie-Aux-Mines / France / 2018

JG&M EXPO  / Denver / 2017

JG&M EXPO / Tucson/ 2017

Expoartesanías / Bogota / 2016